April 21st 2024

“Carmichael’s Precious as a Rivoir Gem” passed today succesfully the MAG / TT test.
It makes our 44th dog what passed the Dutch Temperament test.
Till now we have an 100 % score

Temperament first !!!

April 13th 2024

* Int. Rijnland Dogshow, NL *
Judged by Mrs. Ricky Lochs-Romans

“Carmichael’s Let’s Faith Decide” won 1e place Junior class.

“Carmichael’s Whatever it Takes” won 1e place Intermediar class & Best Male / Best Opposite Sex, handled by Sabrina Hoks.

“Carmichael’s Justice for All” won 1e place Veteran class & Reserve Best Bitch.

“Ash” won at his second show again the Junior class & J-CAC.
“Manny” won at his second showweekend another CACIB in only 2 weekends.
“Jessie” never disappoint me with showing her butt off, in the main ring she won BIS veteran under Mrs. Dinanda Mensink

Pics by Kynoweb & Nikki Zuijdendorp


April 6/7th 2024

* 109 & 110th Int. Dogshow Luxembourg *
Judged by Mr. T. Himmrich from Germany on saturday and Mrs. Y. van de Boygert from Netherlands on sunday.

“Carmichael’s Whatever it Takes” won Best of Breed 1e day and his class 2e day.

“Carmichael’s Prince Charming” won Reserve Best Male 1e day and Best Opposite Sex 2e day

“Carmichael’s Feel Free to Stare” won 2e place intermediar class 1e day and CAC / CACIB 2e day.

“Carmichael’s Justice for All” was only shown 2e day and won Best of Breed from the veteran class.

“Manny” finished the Luxembourg title at his very first time out in Europe.
“Jessie” was placed 3e Best veteran in show under Mr. Soos Atilla and short listed by last 6 in the very competitive terriergroup under Mr. Himmrich.


April 6th 2024

Happy to share that I passed today the excam for the Boston Terrier.
Want to thank the persons who did teach me about this lovely breed and the people who make it possible that i could do excam today.

March 25th 2024

Three more dogs passed OFA Cardiac excam by cardiologist.

March 3rd 2024

* Int. Dogshow Weelde, Belgium *
Judged by Mr. Sean Delmar from Ireland.

“Carmichael’s No Guts No Glory” won best baby in breed, handled by Sabrina Hoks.

“Carmichael’s Let’s Faith Decide” won 1e place Junior class.

“Ch. Carmichael’s Prince Charming” won 1e place Champion class, Best male & Best of Breed.

“Apollo” won last year at this show BOB from the juniorclass and now again BOB. Congrats to his co-owners Els & Kurt.


March 13rd 2024

The first Grand Champion in the Netherlands of the American Staffordshire Terrier.
Again history made by this girl

March 3rd 2024

* Int. Dogshow Groningen, NL *

Judged by Mrs. Boesmans (B)

“Hullabaloo’s Just What I want” won 1e place Junior class smd Reserve best Male.
“Carmichael’s Perfectly Imperfect” won 1e place Open class, Best bitch snd Best Opposite Sex.

Both dogs where handled by Sabrina Hoks.

“Olie” is bred by Tiina Jokela and co-owned by Paul Waanders.
“Caya” is co-owned by Edwin Brugmans.


February 24th 2024

Today we attended with two dogs at the Top Dog of the Year Show.
“Spot” and “Apollo” where both qualified for this invitational show as the only amstafs who where invited.
For “Spot” was it her fifth qualification, she won Best in Show in 2017 and Reserve Best in Show in 2018 & 2019 and one year she didnt attend.
It was a great experience as always and want to congratulate Chris & Cees with their groupwin as also my friend Marcel with their Reserve BIS.


February 7th 2024

For the second year in a row since the WOW competition excist, we got #1 amstaf in the country as also #1 kennel.
Its’s also for 12th year in a row that we have the #1 amstaf in Holland.

Needless to say that we are proud of these results.


January 21st 2024

“Carmichael’s Prince Charming” passed today succesfully the obligated MAG / TT test.
Its the 43e dog from our kennel who passed it, till now none dog from our kennel failed a temperament test.
Very proud of that !

Thx to co-owners Kurt Dirckx & Els Jaquemijn for giving him a great home.


January 13/14th 2024

* Int. Dogshow Kassel, Germany *

Saturday judged by Mrs Möller-Sieber.
Sunday judged by Mrs. Mielchen-Salewski.

“Carmichael’s Handsome Stranger” won 1e place Junior class & Best Junior in breed on saturday, 2e place on sunday.

“Carmichael’s Secret Obsession” won 1e place Junior class on saturday, sunday not showed.

“Carmichael’s Born to Perform” won 2e place Open class & Reserve CAC/CACIB on saturday, 1e place Open class, CAC/CACIB & Best bitch / Best Opposite Sex on sunday.

“Handsome” & “Yara” both finished their International Junior title at an age of 13 months.


January 9th 2024

This lady celebrates her birthday today !
Vega reached  the age of 17 years, whats a great age for an amstaf, because most amstafs die younger.
She is also known as Ch. Great Am-staff’s Good as Diamond.
Bred and co-owned by Rene Thirup.

January 8th 2024

* Int. Dogshow Paris, France *
Judged by breedspecialist Mr. Farid Lahreche from France.

“Carmichael’s Prince Charming” won 1e Open class, CAC / CACIB & Best of Breed.

“Carmichael’s Feel Free to Stare” won 2e place Junior class.

At an age of 23 months “Apollo” is a Champion in Luxembourg & Switzerland. He is pointed in Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland but too young to finish the titles there.
He is co-owned by Kurt Dirckx and Els Jaquemijn.