Ch. Carmichael's Black to Remember

Carmichael's Ready to Rumble

Carmichael's Dutch Casanova

Carmichael's Royal Highness

Ch. Carmichael's Clear Diamond of G-A

Ch.Carmichaels I Got Class I Got Style

Carmichael's Face it or Leave It

Carmichael's Painted Beauty

Carmichael's King of the Road

Carmichael's Metallic Blue

Carmichael's Texas Honeymoon

Carmichael's Great Gatsby

Ch. Carmichael's Moments of Silence

Carmichael's La Divina

Carmichael's Edge of Stone

Carmichael's White Darkness

Carmichael’s Million Dollar Baby

Carmichael’s Haute Couture

CH.Carmichaels Keep The Fire Burning

Ch.Carmichael's Gigi Hadid

Ch.Carmichael's Semper Fi by Benmars

Ch.Carmichael's Tiffany Selby

Carmichael's panty Snatcher

Carmichael's Jomy Boky

Carmichael's Diamond Jim

Carmichael's Showbizz Girl

Carmichael's Just a Classic by Benmars

Carmichael's The One And Only