Highlight 5.

Ch. Carmichael’s Liar Liar Pants on Fire is a living legend, “Spot” is the most winning amstaf of all time in the Netherlands (record holder).
Spot has been awarded Championship points at almost every show where she competed, winning her first Best of Breed at only 9 months under well known breederjudge Patrick Cederlof.
Spot finished championships in 12 countries, won the World winner title in 2018,  10 National Speciality’s, 28 groupwins & 60+ groupplacements and 7 Best in Shows, included BIS at the Dutch Top Dog of the Year show 2016 under respected judge Gerard Jipping.
Many more important wins can be listed, but there are just too many to write them all down.
  A special thanks towards all judges that have awarded Spot her wins and were just as impressed by her in the ring as we are. 

More about  “Spot’’ in her own page.

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