January 1st, 2020

Our new sponsor
With great pride we like to start our cooperation from beginning of this year with the CORE- Family. 
We think and share the Same Vision and Goals in dogs and dog breeding which are the most important to our future partnership. 
Our main goal is to keep our dogs healthy and in a superb condition, so they can have a long and happy life and with this dogfood we are sure they get the best!

January 11th, 2020

Top Dog of the Year Show
This weekend is the Top Dog of the Year Show in my country, we qualifed 4 dogs for this show, these are the only amstafs who are qualified for this year.

We didn’t enter a dog for this year, but we are priviliged to won at this prestigious show Best in Show in 2016, Reserve BIS in 2017 and Reserve BIS in 2018 with our “Spot” We want to wish all competitors good luck on sunday!

January 25th, 2020

Int. Dogshow Mouscroun, Belgium.
22 amstafs judged by Mrs. Gregoire.∫ Ducipal T-bone of Carmichaels won Best Male, CAC / CACIB and Best of Breed.
∫ Ch. Carmichael’s Focus on What Matters won Best Female, CAC / CACIB and Best Opposite Sex.

“Zorro” was handled by my friend Franky Loeckx because my assistant Sabrina Hoks couldn’t make it to the show today.
“Posy” finished the Belgium title with limited shows, because she did do this in only 5 shows.

February 2nd, 2020

MAG / TT tests
“Carmichael’s Black Beryl” & Ch. Carmichael’s Focus on What Matters” passed today the MAG / TT test, which is required in my country for breeding purebred amstafs.
It is dog #31 and #32 from our kennel what passed this test.
Till now we have an 100% score in this temperament test

February 8th, 2020

Int. Dogshow Eindhoven, the Netherlands
22 amstafs judged by Mrs. Gregoire.∫ Carmichael’s Desert Warrior won best puppy in breed.

∫ Ch. Hullabaloo’s Can I Have Your Attention won Best of Breed.
In competitive terriergroup she was awarded with another Group 2.

∫ Carmichael’s la Divina became best veteran in breed, handled and co-owned by Nathalie van der Zee.
Breedjudge: Mr. Horst Kliebenstein from Germany.
Groupjudge: Mr. Peter Friedrich Berchtold from Austria.
“Tora” finished the Dutch, Finnish & International title today.
She is also Luxembourgs and Lithuanian Champion.
Bred and co-owned by Tiina Jokela.
“Max” is co-owned by Rene de Visser.

February 23th, 2020

ASTCH best amstaf in the Netherlands 2019.
∫ Ducipal T-bone of Carmichaels was honoured today by the ASTCH for winning best amstaf in the Netherlands 2019. Proud to earned this title for the 8e year in a row with one of our dogs.
Its the first year, a not bred by dog earned it.
Credits goes to his breeder Reti Andrei and handler Sabrina Hoks.
He is co-owned by Marja de Ruijter.

February 24th, 2020

ASTCH best junior amstaf in the Netherlands 2019.
∫ Carmichael’s Bite the Bullet was honoured by ASTCH for completing the Dutch junior title in 2019.
As always handled by his co-owner John Spronck.
This young boy is only 14 months right now.
Sired by Ch. Benmars Ringmaster x Ch. Carmichael’s Cute with an Attitude.

March 1st, 2020

Double International Dogshow Groningen.
Judged by Mr. John Walsh Jr saturday and Mr. Arne Foss today.∫ Ducipal T-Bone of Carmichaels won Best Opposite Sex saturday and Best of Breed on sunday.

∫ Carmichael’s Unfinished Sympathy won Best Junior on saturday and Best Opposite Sex on sunday.

∫ Carmichael’s Focus on What Matters was Reserve Best Bitch on saturday.

“Topsy” finished the Dutch Junior title this weekend and “Posy” finished the Dutch title.

September 5th, 2020

Thüringer Cup GBF show
4 months after giving birth of her second litter under judge Mrs. Evi Erler∫ Carmichael’s Justice for All won Best of Breed and later Best in Show.

She is now Dutch - Swedish - Finnish - Luxembourg - German and International Champion.
She is co-owned together with Johan Johnsson & Sophia Meyer.

September 7th, 2020

National German Speciality by GBF
∫ Hullabaloo’s Can I Have Your Attention won Best of Breed under bully breed specialist Mr. Peter Lauber.

With this win she finished the German VDH title.
She is now Dutch - Finnish - Luxembourg - Latvia - German & International Chsmpion.
She is bred and co-owned by Tiina Jokela.

September 13th, 2020

National Dog Show Zwolle, NL.
Judged by Mrs. Ricky Lochs-Romans.∫ Carmichael’s Bite the Bullit won Best Male / BOS and earned his 3e CAC to his championship, handled and co-owned by John Spronck.
∫ Ch. Carmichael’s Justice for All won another Best of Breed. She is co-owned with Johan Johnsson & Sophia Meyer.
My compliments to KC Zwolle for the great show organisation in this Covid period.

September 27th, 2020

Int. Double Dogshow Maastricht
judged by Mr. Himmrich & Mrs. Agafonova.∫ Hullabaloo Can I Have your Attention won two days Best Opposite Sex.

∫ Carmichael’s Unfinished Sympathy won first day Reserve CAC/CACIB.