17 January 2007 

New guest at Carmichaels

Carmichael's is honored to have "Junior" (AKC Ch, UKC GrCh WhtRck Hartagold Black Label, CGC, PennHip, OFA, CERF, DNA) here in Holland with us to be shown throughout Europe in 2007. We picked up Junior in December 2006 and want to thank Dick Pascoe for your trust and confidence in us and for this wonderful opportunity. Look for Junior at a show near you soon!

19 January 2007 

MAG Test

On Sunday 14 January we was invited to do the Temperament test ( Mag- test ) with our bitch Strictly Woman from Gillian's Home.

This test was arranged by the American Staffordshire Terrier Club Holland and the Dutch Kennel club. There was an entry of 10 amstaffs, and i am proud to say that our bitch " Djara " did got the highest score of all the 10 amstaffs.!! So she did pass with flying colours the TT test !!!!! 

On the pics you can see some thing, how they test the dogs, they have 6 parts with owner and 6 parts without owner.

25 January 2007 

New addition to our kennel

In co-operation with Daydreamer's kennel we did import a new male from Spain. He is bred by A.Y. Ruben Cabreja from Leon- Eddy kennel, his registered name is Leon - Eddy Chocolate and is born on 29 oktober 2006 out the combination Ch Leon-Eddy de Ngrong-Ngrong and Leon Eddy Moli Malone, He is a grandson of Ch Chasqui Black Raging Bull and Ch Chasqui King Gizmo. More information about him in his own page. 

27 January 2007

International dog show Belgium - Mouscroen

30 amstaffs entered, judged by J-J Dupas from France:

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex bred by Carla Restivo (USA) out Ch Sunbolt Vito the Enforcer & Ch White Rock Irrisisteble won youth class males and best youth dog and finally he won Best of Breed at a age of 10 months!!!!

∫ Wht Rck Hartagold Black Label our guest, bred by Lora Bauer ( USA ) and owned by Dick Pascoe (USA)out Ch Chasqui White Rock Indiana & Ch Hartagold Standing Ovation won Championclass and CAC - CACIB. 

02 February 2007 

International dog show Eindhoven - the Netherlands

Judged by Mr Korosz from Hungary:

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex took 3e place youth class 12-18 months with an excellent at a age of 10 months.
∫ King "Ozzy" won the Champion class and got reserve CAC- CACIB.
∫ Dunia Madju from Gillian's Home won the intermediarclass and won Best Male / BOS / CAC - CACIB at a age of 20 months. 

24 February 2007 

International dogshow in Hoogstraaten- Belgium

∫ Junior got a 2e place in champion class with an excellent..
∫ Carly from the Southern Stables handled by me took 1e place in champion class and Best of Breed, with this win she won her fifth CAC in Belgium and finished her Belgium Title with a very nice victory.

In the terrier group later in the day she won a group 4!!! Breed and Group judge was Mrs. Monika Selbach from Norway. 

01 March 2007 

Top Dog of the Year

Each Year the Dutch kennelclub organises the prestigous Top Dog of the Year event. This exclusive show is very limited and by invitation only. The dogs are invited based on their show results during the previous year. You can imagine that there is a very select group of high quality dogs present that day, the true " creme de la creme".

This year the only amstaff which was invited was "King Ozzy". We where thrilled to attend this exciting event for the fourth time.

Interesting detail is the fact that both "Diego" and his son "Gizmo" got invited for this prestigious event twice. Both dogs were shown by myself that time as well. 

Imagine a velvet green catwalk with proper lighting and music. All the judges sitting a side of the catwalk " judging" all the beautiful dogs that passed by! Music, spotlights action!

∫ "King Ozzy" were competing in the highly competitive group 3 with 15 other top terriers.

The honourable judge Mr. van de Horst selected 5 dogs and " King Ozzy " was one of them. The judge was allowed to appoint a Group Winner and a Reserve in Group Winner.

The tension was pretty high when Mr. van de Horst made his final " stroll" along the five selected dogs. Finally he gave two numbers to the speaker who asked the handler to go to the appointed places.

Last year also a Diego's grandson got a reserve that time, it was Ch Skyblue's Southern Deejay from owners Maas/Stallen. It looks like history is repeating itself again!
It was great being in the spotlight that long for such a discriminating audience, we did enjoyed every minute of it, and hope to be there next year again!

03 March 2007 

International Dog Show in Groningen

∫ Prince 2e place in the youthclass, his qualification was an excellent
∫ Carly from the Southern Stables handled by me took 1e place in champion class, best bitch - CAC/CACIB and finally she won Best of Breed under judge Mrs. Bons - de Wever from the Netherlands.

With this great win,she finished her Dutch championship! I am proud to say, that I handle her to the follow titles: Dutch - Belgium and Luxembourg Champion!!! 

20 March 2007 

Belgium youthdogshow

Youthdogshow, organised by the national Belgium American Staffordshire club

∫ Prince won 2e place in youth class 9-18 months with an excellent. Prince was handled by Wes White from the USA, because I was in the states for breeding Dazzle to Presley.

∫ Leon Eddy Chocolate took also an 2e place in baby class 3-6 months, handled by his co-owner Christy van de Ven.

20 March 2007 

International Terriershow in Wijchen

At the International terriershow, organised by the Dutch kennelclub in Wijchen - the Netherlands on 18 march, we did do very well.

∫ Prince took 3e place in youthclass 9-18 months with an excellent. ( he is just 12 months old)

∫ Dunia Madju 1e place in intermedia class 15-14 months, best male and CAC,and finally he won Best of Breed handled by me!

This boy won his 6e CAC in a age of 22 months old, to finish the Dutch title, he need to win one CAC after 27 months of age! Respected judge was Mr. Martin van de Weijer from the Netherlands. There were 55 amstaffs entered. 

20 March 2007 

Back from USA

We just returned from the USA where we went for the breeding between Dazzled and Presley. We performed the progesterone test to pinpoint the time of breeding and got two natural ties, so we're hopeful that this breeding will be a success. Please check our Breedings page for more information on this outstanding litter.

We also have a new addition to our family. She is our new import, White Rock Touch of Gold ( Charo) and she is out of Mocha (BOS Nationals 2004, Award of Merit 2005 & 2006, AKC Ch. White Rock Mocha with Cream, OFAel/ca/pa, CERF) and Junior (AKC/UKC GrCh WhtRck Hartagold Black Label, CGC, PennHip, OFA, CERF, DNA ). We are very excited to see how this little girl develops!

08 April 2007 

We expect puppies!

We at Carmichael's kennel are proud to announce that our bitch Dazzle is pregnant! Puppies are to be expected in the weekend of 12 / 13 May. 

12 May 2007 

Puppies are born!

On Saturday 12 may, 8 puppies are born. 5 males and 3 females.
The puppies are black and blue with white markings. Check our website for frequently updates on new puppy pictures. 

24 May 2007 

Genetic information

Some genetical information about our litter:
Presley x Dazzle 5 generations pedigree
Presley x Dazzle Ancestor contribution report

07 July 2007 

New show results!

International Show in Leeuwarden - the Netherlands under respected judge Mr. Piet Roosenboom (Belgium):

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex won the youth class ( 9-18 months) and took his first youth points for the Dutch youth title!

∫ He got second place out 11 youth males at the Amstaff youthdogshow - Netherlands under judge Mr. Scholten ( Netherlands)

∫ He got third place out 17 youth males at the International dog show in Luxembourg, judged by Mr. Bierwolf ( Austria) 

International Show Luxembourg:

∫ Dunia Madju from Gillians Home (owned by Vincent Noya) got second place out of 11 dogs in intermediate class. 

International Show Leiden - Netherlands, judged by Mr. Wellens ( Netherlands):

∫ Dunia Madju from Gillians Home won reserve CAC/CACIB.

∫ He got second place in the intermediarclass at the Amstaff youthdogshow - Netherlands.

∫ He won BOS at the International Show Arnhem - Netherlands, judged by Mrs. Bode - Meeberg (Netherlands), with this win he got his 7 CAC, but he is still too young to finish the title! 

Genk ( Belgium) and Namur ( Belgium) shows:

∫ Ch WhiteRock Hartagold Black Label won reserve CAC/CACIB, so he is half way for the Belgium title, judges were Mr Doedijns ( Netherlands) and Mr. Meeremans ( Belgium).

∫ Ch King Ozzy was handled by me at the International Show Antwerp - Belgium, he won BOS and with this win, he won his last CAC to finish the Belgium title, judged by Mr. Devitt from France

In a little more than one year, I handled him to 5 titles: Dutch - Belgium - Luxembourg - International Champion and Amsterdam Winner 2005 !!!!!!!!!!

∫ Ch King Ozzy at the International Show Namur - Belgium I handled " King Ozzy " in the terrier group, after winning two second places last year, I won this time a Group 1, judged by Mrs. de Ridder-Onghena - Belgium.

After winning 3 times a Group 1 with Diego, 1 time with Rechy and Nut, was it for me the 6e time to win a Group 1 , it's always excited to be on the highest scaffold!! 


08 July 2007 

Carmichael's Black Knight " found an lovely home, his proud owners are Vaneesa Blom and Werner van der Beek. 

09 July 2007 

One of these 2 black males is available. 

07 August 2007 

The male Carmichael's Black to Remember lives now in Romania by George Mateescu, and is co-owned with handler Laurentiu Olariu.

He will be shown in the Romania and some more countries of East - Europe. 

10 June 2007 

International show in Lommel - Belgium

∫ Victory ( Diego granddaughter out of Ch Chasqui King Gizmo ) won BOB with me.
There was a entry of 37 amstaffs, judged by breed-specialist Mr. Torres Delicado from Spain. BOB went to Ch Royal Court Winning Colors as you can see in the picture. 

Judged by Mr. P. Roosenboom from Belgium. It was the first time that I did handle Ch. Victory at an show, so what a start! 

23 June 2007 

International Bruxelles Dog show

On the largest dog show in Belgium Amstaffs were judged by Mr. Theo Leenen from Belgium. At this show you can win 2 points for the Belgium title ( need 4 ) and the official title Belgium Winner, so you can imagine this is an important show for everybody.

∫ Ch. Victory(owned by Dijana van Roode) at this show, she won her champion class and won the CAC / CACIB and the Belgium Winner title. 

∫ Dunia Madju 1e in his open class, also with him I won the CAC / CACIB and Belgium Winner title. I did take Madju for the best of breed and he won the BOB over 75 amstaffs, our breed was the biggest entry of the show. In the terrier group, I took an group 3 with Dunia Madju under judge - Mr. E. Kenneth from Sweden.

At the same show, I did assist an friend of mine, who breeds Boxers under the kennel name: Di Noi Vincere.
I won with Egoist van de Box Burch best youth dog and got the qualification for the crufts, in the main ring I went to 2e best youth dog in show!!! 

22 July 2007

International Dog show in Liege - Belgium

∫ Ch. Wht Rck Hartagold Black Label took reserve CAC / CACIB afther an son of Ch. Truan's Nut-Cracker.
Judged by Mrs. Mrs. Steer from Romania

30 July 2007 

International Dog show in Echt - the Netherlands

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex won the youth class, with this win he won his second youth CAC, he need one more to finish the Dutch youth title 

Judged by Mrs. Persson from Sweden 

04 August 2007 

International Show in Leuven - Belgium

∫ Ch. Wht Rck Hartagold Black Label won Best of Breed at this show under judge Mrs. Rossier from Switzerland, there were was an entry of 33 amstaffs. 

08 August 2007 

I did visit Mr. Pascoe - White Rock kennel in the weekend of 13/14 July to deliver his puppy from our litter. I told Mr. Pascoe that Junior do have an good time in Holland, and that my dad fall in love with him. The day after, he told me that Junior could stay in Holland, if my dad want to keep him in his house. So you understand how happy my dad was with this great news, and so am I!!!! He will continue his show carrier in Europe, he is on the way to his Belgium title and will be shown in some more countries. 

08 August 2007 

Junior photo session

Junior was invited by Eukenuba and Body Cooler for an photo session. 

The pink colour products fit him very well - LOL!!!! 

25 August 2007 

International show in Rotterdam

∫ Prince won 2e place out 13 youth males, this was his last time in youth class. 

04 September 2007 

Big win for Junior !

Yesterday we did compete at a very prestigious dog show in Luxembourg, this is one of the biggest dog shows in the Benelux, there was an large entry of 83 amstaffs.
∫ Prince and he got 4e place excellent out 7 males in intermediary class.
∫ Ch Wht Rck Hartagold Black Label obtained 1st place in champion class, Best male en Best of Breed under the highly respected judge Mr. Mc Coy from Ireland. 

With this win, Junior finished his Luxembourg Championship Title. 

22 September 2007 

International show in Oostende - Belgium

∫ Carmichael's Chick on a Mission took Best Baby in Breed and in the main ring she won 2nd Best baby in Show all breeds.
Amstaff was judged by Mr. Zsolt Lokodi ( Rumania ) and the baby group all breeds was judged by Mr. Tino Pehar ( Croatia). There was an entry of 5 babies and 25 all breed babies. 

30 September 2007 

Belgium speciality

Large entry of 93 amstaffs was entered, judged by Mr. benny Blid von Schedvin from Sweden. We did compete with 5 dogs, and again an first show for an Carmichael's baby.

∫ Carmichael's Shut Up and Kiss Me won best baby male out 8 males, and Best Baby in Show!!! 

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex got 3rd place excellent in intermediary class out 6 males.
∫ Ch Wht Rck Hartagold Black Label won 2nd place in champion class out 4 males.
∫ Carmichael's Chick on a Mission won best baby female out 6 females. 

∫ Dunia Madju won open class male, best male and BOB. 

For Madju was this the second year in an row that he won BOB at this national speciality show!!!! With this win he finished his Belgium Championship.

07 October 2007 

International Dog show Zwolle - Netherlands

The both Carmichael's pups, we did keep out our litter did give presence at this show:
∫ Carmichael's Shut Up and Kiss Me ( Villain ) won best baby male and Carmichael's Chick on a Mission won best baby female.
∫ Carmichael's Chick on a Mission won best baby in breed and in the main ring she won 6th Best Baby in Show all breeds, judged by Mr. Siewart ( Germany)

30 October 2007 

National STCA speciality in Hutto - Texas.

This time we didn't bring any dogs like last year, but I was asked by Dick Pascoe to handle Ch White Rock Mocha with a Cream at this prestigious show.

It was the first time that I did handle her, and we didn't do bad.......

01 November 2007 

Our new dogs!

We have 2 new members in our kennel, both from Denmark:
∫ Danisch / Swedisch / Luxembourg Champion  Dk Staff's Go Rio Go  took 2e place in the baby class out 6 entered baby males. 

We want to thank Tonny & Tina Bergstrom for the trust to have " Rio " in our home. 

Great Amstaff's Good as Diamond

We want to thank Rene & Anette Thirup for the trust to have " Vega " in our home and for the friendship in the last 10 years!!!
Both bitches will be shown in several europeen countries, check the girls pages for more info on these ladies. 

04 November 2007 

International show Bleiswijk - the Netherlands

We did show our puppies in baby class. This was the last time that they could compete in baby class.

∫ Carmichael's Chick on a Mission won her class out 2 baby bitches
∫ Carmichael's Shut Up and Kiss Me won his class out 2 baby males, he won also best baby in breed.
In the main ring " Villain " won 2e best baby in show, judged by Mr. Roberts from the Netherlands. 

18 November 2007 

ASTCH national speciality

Sagebrush Prince Alex won the intermediarclass (15-24 months) out 9 males.

Great Amstaff's Good as Diamond won the youth class bitches (9-18 months) at an age of 10 months out 17 bitches. 

Carmichael's Shut Up and Kiss Me got second place in the puppy class males (6-9 months) at an age of 6 months out 13 males. 

Judge: Mrs Claudia Seaberg (USA) ( males ) & Mrs Jill Soble Smith (USA) ( females).

Thanks to Karel Nijholt for assisting me handling Vega!! 

24 November 2007 

Winner dog show Amsterdam - the Netherlands

83 amstaffs were entered, judged by Mrs M. Huber - USA.

Carmichael's Shut Up and Kiss Me won pup class males ( 6-9 months) out 7 males and best puppy in breed.

Carmichael's Chick on a Mission won pup class females out 4 bitches, handled by co-owner Vincent Noya

Dk Staff's Go Rio Gowas presented for the first time by me, and what an appearance!!
We went to 1e place champion class, best bitch and finally Best of Breed!
What a start, isn't !!!!

In the terrier group, judged by Mrs. Somerfield (GB) she was selected by the last 7 terriers, but she was not by the last 3 in group.

02 December 2007

Temperament test at the ASTCH

Sagebrush Prince Alex pass the test with an maximum score.
An few weeks earlier we got the official results from the Dutch kennel club about Prince hips x-rays. He got an Excellent (HD-A)!

08 December 2007 

International dog show Kassel - Germany

38 amstaffs entered, judged by Mrs. M. Moller - Sieber from Germany
Great Am-staff's Good as Diamond  won youth class bitches out 9 bitches, she won her first German youth CAC and she was also the best youth dog in breed.
In the main ring she was selected by the best 7 youth dogs in the terrier group.
∫ King Ozzy with me went Best of Breed, he won his last German CAC and finished the German title. 

09 December 2007 

International dog show Genk - Belgium

75 amstaffs entered, judged by Mr. O. Lothary from Germany.

∫  Carmichael's Chick on a Mission  won puppyclass females (6-9 months) at an age of 6,5 months, out 5 bitches.

∫  Dk Staff's Go Rio Go  won championclass bitches and was awarded with BOS ( best bitch) , this was her first time out in Belgium and immediatly her first points!!!! 

17 December 2007 

International Dog show Wijchen

The last show this year, 35 amstaffs entered under respected judge Mrs. Kersbergen from the Netherlands.
Carmichael's Chick on the Mission  won best puppy female, handled by co-owner Vincent Noya. 

Carmichael's Shut Up and Kiss Me won best puppy male, best puppy in breed and in the main ring 2e best puppy in show, handled by Karel Nijholt. ( 2e time that " Villain" won 2e best puppy in show at an all breed show!!! ) 

∫ Great Am-Staff's Good as Diamond won the youth class and got reserve bitch, she won this over 2 champion bitches and the #1 bitch from the Netherlands, this at an age of 11 months!!!! 

24 December 2007 

******** 2007 summary and thanks ********

Now at the end of this year, we want to thank some people:
* Karel Nijholt from Jade East Shar-Pei for assisting me handling at several shows.

* Rene & Anette Thirup from Great Am-Staff´s for giving us the opportunity to have Vega in our home.

* Tonny & Tina Bergstrom from DK Staff kennel for giving us the opportunity to have Rio in our home.

* Dick Pascoe for giving me the opportunity to handle Mocha at the USA National Speciality in Texas.

* Vincent & Arlette Noya for co-owning Carmichael's Chick on a Mission - " Chick "

* Rene & Carolien Rugl for co-owning Carmichael's Shut Up and Kiss Me - " Villain ".

* Family Spronk, Werner & Vanessa, George & Lenz, Gerald Poetz for giving pups out our first litter an great home!

* And last not least the webmaster: my uncle Wilfried Dijsselbloem.