07 January 2006 

International dog show Hoogstraaten - Belgium

∫ King Ozzy and I went to 1e place in open class and BOS!!! He earned on this show his first Belgium point, way to go! It seems Ozzy and me are a good team, this was the second time I handle him and again I could put a nice win on him.  Judged by Mr. Kevin Brown from Denmark

16 January 2006 

Destiny and Dazzle TT!

Today we went to the Temperament test (TT / Mag - test) organized by the ASTCH and the Dutch kennel club. The bitches Destiny and Dazzle was entered for the test on this Sunday. Both bitches pass this test without any problems. I did attached some pics, so you have any idea. Very funny to look is the big black cat!! 

28 February 2006 

International dog show Mouscroen- Belgium

I was asked to handle:
∫ King Ozzy and we went to best male - BOS, under judge Mr. Sanchez from Spain. With this results I got 3 out 3 with Ozzy!!! 

04 February 2006

International dog show Eindhoven-the Netherlands

At the international dog show Eindhoven-the Netherlands, 4 February 2006, I was asked to handle some dogs, and I can say I was proud on these results:

∫ Dunia Madju from Gillians Home 1e place puppy class male and best puppy of breed, and 2e best pup in show!!!! ∫ King Ozzy (grandson of "Diego") went to 1e place open class and reserve best male.  ∫ Carly from the Southern Stables went to best bitch (BOS) (top picture).
Judged by Mr. P.Würgatsch (D) 

05 March 2006 

International dog show on Zuid-Laren - the Netherlands

At the international dog show on Zuid-Laren - the Netherlands, Sunday 5 march I was asked to handle Dunia Madju from Gillian's Home for his first time in youth class.
∫ Dunia Madju from Gillian's Home at a age of just 9 months, we went to 1e place youthclass and reserve best male. Only the champion male was in front of him. With this win he took his 1e point for the Dutch youth title and a quarter point for the Dutch champion title (need 4 points).
Judged by Mrs. I. Borchorst (DK) 

15 March 2006 

After a short disease, we decide to put Ch Truans Nut-Cracker " Scarface" in to sleep. I want to thank the co-owners Carla and Carolien van Eck for the great home they give Nut after his shows in other countries.

He was born in Spain and went to me when he was 2 years old. He was shown and finished in Denmark and stay for a half year in Texas to finish his AKC title there, thanks to Carla Restivo and Wes White for finishing him there.

In Belgium he went to 3 points for his Belgium title, including the Belgium winner title and a 2e best in show at a all breed show.

I am happy that I did have the opportunity to own this boy. 

19 March 2006 

National dog show Tongeren - Belgium

At the national dog show Tongeren - Belgium, 19 march, we got some nice results. Again I handle some dogs from friends, I can say this year bring me a lot of fortune. Judged by Mrs D. Reicher (Croatia)
∫ King Ozzy went to 1e place open class and reserve best male, just after a champion male, this male was already Belgium Champion, so the points will go to Ozzy, its his 3e Belgium CAC what I put on him this year. 
∫ Carly from the Southern Stables went to 1e place open class and best bitch / BOS, she beat 2 champion bitches, with this win she got her second CAC for the Belgium title.  ∫ Cimarron Kiss me Quick WR went to 1e place puppy class bitches.
We will be out showing this year and hope to continue our recent success in the ring. 

01 April 2006 

International terrier show in Kolding, Denmark

∫ Carla from Gillian's Home won Best Opposite Sex and rewarded her first Danish points to her Danish title.
There was a entry of 37 amstaffs, judged by breed-specialist Mr. Torres Delicado from Spain. BOB went to Ch Royal Court Winning Colors as you can see in the picture. 

02 April 2006 

International show in Leiden- the Netherlands

Some dogs finish in style..............Me and Ozzy did it at the international dog show Leiden- the Netherlands, April 2nd:
∫ King Ozzy took BOB over 57 amstaffs, judged by terrier specialist and all rounder Mr. M. van de Weijer.

This was Ozzy's 7th CAC, only 4 CAC is enough to finish the Dutch title, but the Dutch kennel club has the rule that the last CAC need to be won after a age of 27 months.

Ozzy finished the Dutch title at a age of 28 months!

08 April 2006 

International show in Antwerp- Belgium

∫ King Ozzy entered for the last time in open class. He took 1e open class (7) and won over the winner of the champion class (3) and intermediate class (5), and at least he won BOB. With this win he won his 4e CAC and this is enough to win the Belgium title, but the Belgium kennel club has the rule that between the first and last CAC must be 1 year, so we need to have patience to finish him in this country. Ozzy won these 4 CAC's in 3 months!!!! There was a entry of 43 amstaffs, judged by Mr. P. Roosenboom (Belgium) 

Congratulations to the owners Christy and Bjorn, and thx for letting me handle Ozzy! 

04 May 2006 

Carmichael's new addition

We are very pleased to introduce to you Carmichael's new addition, "Prince" (Sagebrush Prince Alex). Prince is a product of an exceptional breeding between CH White Rock Irresistible, OFAg, OFAca (Peaches) and CH Sunbolt's Vito The Enforcer, OFAg, OFAca (Vito). 
This breeding combines the best of the Ruffian lines such as AKC CH/UKC Nat'l Gr CH Rowdytown's HardRock Cafe, OFA, TT, AKC CH/UKC Gr CH Herring's Red Skillet, OFA, TT, CH CanAm Rowdytown Iron Skillet,OFA,CGC, CH Grand Prix Icon O'Class, OFA Excellent, CH White Rock Perry The Fridge, CD and his daughter CH White Rock Rowdy Angel who is now 15 years old and still kicking! 

We would like to thank Carla Restivo, manager of White Rock Kennels, President of the STCA and breeder of this outstanding litter for the opportunity to own this great little guy, whom we have great plans for. We count it as a great privilege to have him in our home and watch him grow into the great specimen of the breed we believe he will be. 

During our trip to the US to pick up Prince, we also had the opportunity to be at the Texas "Specialty". It was great seeing old friends and some nice dogs as well. Please check back for more about Prince, including new pictures in our "Males" page and gallery. 

27 May 2006 

Dazzle cardiologist visit

Today we visited a cardiologist with our Dazzle. We, as responsible breeders, are committed to producing sound dogs in structure, health and temperament. All of our dogs will be temperament tested, in accordance to the Dutch Kennel Club, and will have at the minimum their hearts and hips checked. The results will be submitted to OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) and to the Dutch Kennel Club for official certifications. Please check back for the official results of Dazzle's cardiac exam. 

05 June2006

International Dog Show Arnhem, Netherlands

One of Diego's kids, Blueberry Rebels Zenga [born January 25th, 2000, breeder/owner: L. Verbeek (Belgium)], became Best Youth Bitch Dog in Show (all breeds)!
∫ Blueberry Rebels Zenga Best Youth Bitch Dog in Show! 

∫ Dunia Madju from Gillian's Home handled by me won 1e place Youth Class Male.
∫ Cimarron Kiss Me Quick WR won 1e place Youth Class Bitch and reserve best bitch. 

∫ Carly from the Southern Stables took Best Bitch / BOS ( CAC/ CACIB). 

We would like to extend our congratulations to the proud breeders and owners of these outstanding dogs. 

10 June 2006 

Shena puppies are here

The puppies are born on Wednesday 7 June, Shena did give the birth of 3 males and 4 bitches. We have 1 black male and 2 fawns, the bitches are blue, fawn and 2 black. More pics and information you can find on the site of  Stonils kennel

11 June 2006 

National Dog Show Lommel in Belgium

∫ King Ozzy won the Best Male (CAC) and Best Of Breed under judge Mr. Theo Leenen from Belgium. 

∫ Carly handled by me won Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex. 

We would like to extend our congratulations to the proud breeders and owners of these outstanding dogs. 

18 June 2006 

International show La Louviere- Belgium

∫ King Ozzy and I won another BOB, judged by Mr. D. Meeremans - Belgium. 

30 July 2006 

National Terrier show Dinant - Belgium

∫ Prince at his first show took best baby of breed and a group 2 in the terrier ring.
∫ King Ozzy won the CAC by the males. 

∫ Dunia Madju handled by me won best youth dog and 2nd best youth dog in show. 

Judge: Mr. Rade Dakic-Kica (YU) 

05 August 2006 

International show Leuven - Belgium

∫ King Ozzy took another BOB for me at the international show in Leuven - Belgium, judged by Mr. Leblond - France. This is his 8th CAC (national point) in Belgium, only this year!!! He can not earlier finish than January 2007, because there must be 1 year between his first and last CAC. 

07 September 2006 

Dazzle's heart test results

We are happy to report a OFA Cardiac - Normal - Cardiologist, Echo result on Dazzle's cardiac examination we had done in June/06. We are very pleased with the health clearings we have received on her so far and plan on doing additional health-tests on her in the near future. 

19 September 2006 

International show Rotterdam

We did show some dogs at the international dog show Rotterdam, 27 august .55 amstaffs were entered under judge Mrs. Kersbergen from the Netherlands.

∫ Prince at his third show took best baby of breed out 5 entered babies.

∫ King Ozzy did again a good job with me to win Best of Breed and 4th best terrier in the terrier group, judged by Mrs.Jansen-Kalshoven from the Netherlands.

20 September 2006 

International show Luxembourg

An exciting show for me as handler at the International show Luxembourg, 3rd September. An entry of 80 amstaffs, judged by D.Meeremans from Belgium.

∫ Prince took 2e place in the baby class out 6 entered baby males.

∫ Dunia Madju from Gillians Home won the intermediary class out 6 males and won his first CACL at this important show.

∫ Carly from the Southern Stables won the open class bitches and won her second CACL and finished her Luxembourg Championship!!! ∫ King Ozzy won the champion class out 5 champion males and with this win, he finished his Luxembourg and International Championship!!! At least, he won Best of Breed!!!  A very nice win at this big show with a large entry, with some dogs who won an Award of Merit at the national specialties in USA.

∫ Cimarron's Kiss me Quick WR handled by Jeroen Stallen won second place in the youth class bitches out a entry of 12 bitches. 

12 November 2006

Belgium Specialty

At the national Belgium Specialty on Sunday 25 September, I did have a very successful day. I handled 5 dogs at this show, and won with 4 dogs their class, finally I won Best puppy in Show, reserve best bitch and BOB. There was an entry of 81 amstaff, judged by Mr. Peter Fodstadt from Norway.

∫ Prince took 1e place puppy class males and Best puppy in Show!

∫ Strictly Woman from Gillians Home won the intermediate class and went to reserve best bitch

∫ King Ozzy won the champion class males
∫ Dunia Madju from Gillians Home won 1e place intermediate class, best male and Best of Breed at the age of 16 months old!!!!
With this win, is the second generation offspring of Ch White Rock Chaskras El Diego who won the BOB title at the Belgium national Specialty!!!! 

13 November 2006 

Zwolle & Maastricht International shows

Two times BOB and a group 3 at two Dutch shows after each other for me and Ozzy / Madju finish his Dutch Youth title!!!

At the international show in Zwolle:
∫ Ozzy took best of breed (33 amstaffs) and a group 3 under judge Mr Sotoca from Spain.

At the International in Maastricht, 30 September 2006:
∫ Ozzy Ozzy took Best of Breed (63 amstaffs) and again a group 3, under judge Mrs Y. van de Boygert from the Netherlands.

∫ Dunia Madju won his youth class for the third time this year and with this win he finish his Dutch Youth Title. 

∫ Prince took 3e place in puppyclass. 

15 November 2006 

Our trip to the USA

Report of our last trip to the states:


04 November 2006

International dog show Bleiswijk

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex won the puppy class males and took best puppy in breed!
∫ Carly from the Southern Stables 1e place in champion class and reserve best bitch handled by me.
∫ Dunia Madju won the youth class and won again best male, he earned his third CAC under a age of 17 months. 

For the Dutch title, a dog need 4 points won after 27 months of age.
Judge: Mrs Puumala (Finland)

19 November 2006

Eurodogshow Kortrijk - Belgium

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex won the puppy class males!
∫ Carly from the Southern Stables won Champion class bitches and took reserve best bitch.

Judge: Mrs. R. Campbell (USA) 

25 November 2006


International Winner dog show Amsterdam

Diego won the Belgium Speciality! He became Best Male CAC and Best of Breed (66 entries), judged by Mrs Britta Roos-Börjeson (Sweden).
Remarkable: his daughter, Blueberry Rebels Zenga, became Best Opposite sex on the same show.

∫ Sagebrush Prince Alex won the puppy class males!
∫ Dunia Madju won intermediate class males!

Judge: Mrs Freeksen (Germany)

10 December 2006 

Dutch national Speciality

∫ Prince did compete the first time in youth class at this show at a age of 9 months and one week, this class is from 9-18 months. He got a 3e place out 11 youth males under judge Katona. The winner of his class won best male!
∫ Dunia Madju won the intermediary class under Mr. Meeremans.
∫ King Ozzy won the Champion class and with this win he finished as the number #1 dog in the Netherlands for 2006. He finished this year as the number #1 dog in Belgium and the Netherlands and is invited for the Topdogshow of the Netherlands in February 2007 

23 December 2006 

******** Official Health Results ********

* We did receive the official results from OFA about the two bitches (Leon Eddy Dazzle of Carmichaels and Strictly Woman from Gillians Home) we did let under search by the specialist cardiologic Valerie Bavegems from Belgium. The results were written as: Normal - Cardiologist, ECHO

* Strictly Woman from Gillians Home was also X-rayed on her hips and send into the Dutch kennel club, and she got an A on her hips, what means an OFA Excellent

More health test will be done before breeding our dogs! Check our website in the coming months about this.