21 March 2005 

We have added some new pictures of Shena.

21 March 2005

January & February shows

In January and February we did show our Dazzle in puppy class, she became 2nd "very promising " out 5 puppybitches at the International dogshow in Eindhoven (Netherlands), judged by Mr. M. le Cussan( Australia). At the international dog show in Hoogstraaten (Belgium), she went to 3th "very promising" out 4 puppybitches, judged by Mr Igor Selimovic (Croatie). The Belgium amstaff club organized a youthdogshow for dogs till 2 years, judged by Mrs. Ostenk-Schenk (NL), this was a very disappointing show, Dazzle didn't get a placement and got only a " promising"", in her report was written that her head (muzzle) was not long enough.................... The Dutch amstaff club organized last week on Sunday 13 march their youthdogshow, judged by Mr. Roosenboom (Belgium), this was the first show in youthclass (9-18 months), Dazzle took 4e " excellent" out 22 youthbitches, she was the youngest one in this class!!!!

Yesterday, Sunday 20 march we went to the terrier show in Wijchen (NL), there were 12 youthbitches entered, Dazzle won her class and went to Reserve Champion Bitch, judged by Mrs. Kersemeijer (NL). This was a nice win on this young age and got her first points for the Dutch Championship. Best bitch and BOB was won by Miss Diva from the Southern Stables bred and owned by Jeroen Stallen, this is a granddaughter of Diego

The two pictures at the top are from the terriershow and the two pictures at the bottom are from the youthdogshow.

09 October 2005 

Dutch specialty

We have some good news to report:
Ch. Chasqui King Gizmo took BOS.

There was a entry of 112 am.staffs

Judge: Mr. Fillipini (AR)

13 October 2005 


We did update our results page of Dazzle and added our new bitch "Djara"

14 October 2005 

[*] Rechy

This morning my first dog passed away............
Today he will be cremated, so we will get him back in a special memorial urn.
Rechy was 12 1/2 years old and did have a very good time with us.
He was a real friend for me......
With him the love for the am.staff begun for me.

Thank you Rechy that I did have the opportunity to know you.............

03 December 2005

International show Amsterdam Winner

On 3 December at the International dog show "Winner" Amsterdam, I handled for the first time " King Ozzy", this is a son of Ch Chasqui King Gizmo. He won the Intermediare class, best male / BOS and got the "Winner title 2005", what means he got 2 CAC's for his Dutch Championship and 1 CACIB for his International Championship title.

"Dazzle" got a 4th place in the youth class, this was her last time in youth class, her next show is on 17 December in the intermediare class.

16 December 2005

Dazzle photo shoot!

In October we were invited for a photo shoot by www.laparure.com with our "Dazzle"for some photo shoots with some models. Here are some pics of that photo shoot, more pics will follow. 

21 December 2005 

OFA results

We did test the hips from the bitches Blueberry Rebels Destiny and Leon Eddy Dazzle of Carmichaels, and got the official results from the Dutch kennel club. Both bitches get OFA Excellent (HD- A) 

27 December 2005 

International Dog Show, Aalst-Wieze (Belgium)

We made some new pics of our " Dazzle" and one of my nieces " Zoe " , as you can see they like each other,