17 January 2004 

[*] CJ

It is with very heavy hearts that we announce the loss of our beloved CJ (Blueberry Rebel's Abygail) and all the puppies she was carrying from the breeding with Ch. White Rock Charlie Horse. CJ was carrying 13 puppies and invested every bit of her energy and resources on them. Ultimately it all just proved to be too much for her small body and she went into overload and cardiac arrest. The puppies were pressing against her internal organs and it took a toll on her heart. She passed away and none of the puppies survived. This was on her 61st day of pregnancy. We are very proud of our girl and how so unselfishly she gave all of herself to her puppies and fought for them until the very end.

20 January 2004 

Today CJ and all 13 of her puppies were cremated. The ashes will be returned to us in a special memorial urn. 

13 May 2004 

International dog show in Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

At the international dog show in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), January 31st some great results of Diego's offspring.

∫ Ch. Chasqui Candle Jack went to best of breed and finished by this win his Dutch title, he did win three titles: German, Danish and the Dutch title, all done in less than six months.
∫ Ch Chasqui King Gizmo reserve CAC/ CACIB!

∫ Ch. Chasqui Indian Pepita BOS!

So, about the dog shows this years starts good for us......

19 February 2004 

International dog show weekend in Odense - Denmark

We went to the international dog show weekend in Odense - Denmark for visit our friends Rene and Anette and for handling Sadie at these shows. Sadie did a good job for us, I am not possible to train her so much because Rene lives 600 kilometers / 425 miles from our home. She was in youth class, what means 9 till 18 months, she is just 11 months. On Saturday were 8 bitches entered in her class and she won her class! On Sunday (terrier show) were 5 bitches entered in her class and she won again and also won for best youth dog in breed. Than she must later that day in the big youth ring, so all best youth dogs were coming together and only four dogs did got a placement. Sadie got a group 4!!! This all at the age of 11 months ........... 

19 February 2004 

Sad news....

We, once again, have sad news to share with all of you:

We attended a show in Denmark and were on our way back home with our friend Ton Olieslagers, owner of Ch. Chasqui Candle Jack. It was a long drive, so after about 4 hours of driving, we stopped to get something to eat and walk the dogs. We found Jack almost unconscious (in a haze) and rushed him to the nearest vet. We were in Germany at this point, 150 km from our home. The vet there thought he might have been going through an allergic reaction and he had a fever of 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit). He was treated with 3 shots and the vet thought he would be fine as he began to settle down and breathe calmer. Things didn’t work quite as expected and we lost him a few minutes later.

We brought him to our Vet at home and they are searching for possible causes for his sudden death. They called us yesterday and reported finding nothing wrong with his internal organs. They think it was a combination of an infection and the high fever it caused. They did submitted samples to a Pathologist and we are waiting to hear the results.

So, after just a few weeks of loosing our CJ, we loose yet another one of Diego’s kids, and a really good one. Jack did very well in the conformation ring and had many special wins. He was a Dutch, German and Danish Champion and the 2003 World Champion! He was truly one of a kind. He slept with us in the camper the night before and, as a true Am Staff, he preferred to lay right against you.

Jack we will miss you ................................

07 March 2004 

International show in Zuid-Laren

At the International dog show Zuid-Laren, the Netherlands Diego's son Ch Chasqui King Gizmo went BOS

Carly and Miss Diva from the southern stables (both granddaughters of Diego) went to 1e & 2e in youth class out of 8.

15 April 2004 

Terrier show Leeuwarden - Netherlands

On the international show 12e april in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. We did do a good job. I handled Ch Chasqui King Gizmoto Best of Breed and a Group 4. There were 29 am.staffs entered and 214 terriers, and 2270 dogs in this all breed show. 

Miss Diva from the Southern Stables went to reserve best bitch, that at a age of just 1 year old!! Her sister Carly from the Southern Stables went to 2e in youth class, out of 6 youthbitches.

Judge Mr. Hans v/d Berg.

24 April 2004 

International Show in Lingen, Germany

At the international show in Lingen Ch. Chasqui King Gizmo went to BOB. It was his first time out in Germany, and again a fantastic result for him. He was handled by his owner Frederick Guhnen. The judge was Josef Pohling (Germany).

13 May 2004 

We received OFA results of Nut!

We got the official results from OFA about Nut's cardiac excam, and he is "OFA cardiac clear". He is now tested with good results on his hips, elbows and heart. 

13 May 2004 

We have a new female!

We did get a new bitch in co-ownership, with Ton & Silvia Olieslagers, she is bred by Linda Verbeek - Belgium. She is out Ch. Blueberry Rebels Arrow and Blueberry Rebels Zenga. So she is a granddaughter of both our males Rechy and Diego. We want to thank Linda and Rudy for this special gift!! 

05 June 2004

European dog show in Barcelona, Spain

We did visit the European dog show in Barcelona together with Jeroen from Southern Stables kennel, Ton Olieslagers from Stonils Kennel and Rene and Anette from Great Amstaffs Kennel - Denmark. White Rock Pure Red Diamond was entered, but she did have an accident, she was hit by a car and broken her rear leg, so we couldn't show her there. We hope her leg will heal that good that we can show her in the future.

06 June 2004 

International Show in Lommel- Belgium

Some good things to report: at the international dog show in Lommel- Belgium I handled "Cara" (Deja Vu Caramella di Blue) to BOS. This was her third point for Belgium Championship, so she need one more to finish the title.

Rechy's son "Blueberry Rebels Arrow"went to BOB

24 July 2004 

International show Liege, Belgium

At the international show in Liege, Belgium - 24th of July 2004, I handled Ch. Chasqui King Gizmo to reserve CAC/CACIB, by this result he finished his International Championchip.

Judge: Mr.. M.M. Goni Sanchez (Spain)

16 August 2004

[*] Diego

With pain in our heats we let you know that we lost our best friend Champion White Rock Chaskras El Diego. He became very ill and there wasn’t much we could do for him so, with his best interest in mind, we let him go. This happened just 6 months after we lost our bitch, CJ.

16 August 2004 

Our new hope!

We are very pleased to welcome "Leon Eddy Dazzle of Carmichaels" to our family. She was born on the 5th of June and is a daughter of Our Diego and Truans Sweet Perversity.

25 September 2004

International All Breed show in Maastricht

On Saturday 25e september , I did take Best of Breed with Ch.Chasqui King Gizmo at a large International All Breed show in Maastricht (under judge Col Joe B. Purkhiser- USA, with an entry of 52 AmStaffs) and then went on to win a Group II!! ( under judge W. Wellens- NL) The next day, I dare to bring one of Diego’s sons out, that was sold as a pet and never shown before and wins the Belgium National Specialty! ( with entry of 58 amstaffs). The dog was Blueberry Rebels Airon, who is a littermate to our CJ, which we lost earlier this year, so these wins with his kids are very special to us. 

A Diego daughter also won Best Bitch at the Belgium Specialty yesterday. Her name is Zoe of Nice Pharamunds and she was handled by Jeroen. Good job, Jeroen!

11 December 2004 

International Show in Belgium

At the important dog show of Belgium last Saturday, we did have a fantastic day. Ch. Truans Nut-cracker went to BOS and won the title Belgium Winner 2004, he got 2 x CAC and 1 x CACIB with this big win. He is now on the way to his Belgium title, he need to win one time more for finish the title in that country.

Nut was handled by Mr. Ben Regeer from Slamdunk kennel, thx again Ben!

This was also the first show for Dazzle, she was just 6 months old and compete in the class 6-9 months, she got the 4e place out 7 puppies, but next week she will try to improve this result.

I also handled Carly from the Southern Stables at this show for the family van Eck, she got the 2e place out 16 open bitches!

20 December 2004

International Dog Show Wijchen, Netherlands

Chasqui Indian Pepita Wijchen, the Netherlands At the international dog show in Wijchen we showed our Dazzle at her second show, she is just 6 months old. She won best puppy(what means all amstaffs till 9 months old), than she must compete in the big ring, to all the other best puppy's of their own breed, there were about 50 puppies in the ring. The judge selected 9 puppies, she took also our Dazzle out this big group. Than only 3 puppies got a placement, West Higland white terrier did win this group. In total we were very satisfied of course, it was also nice because the breeder of Dazzle, Eddy Ruben Cabreja visited us this weekend with his girlfriend Sagria and did see this nice win!